Genetics: (GMO x Project 4516)


Review from The Bud Studio –


“This potent hybrid flower originally bred by Lit Farms and grown by Greyman Genetics boasts some incredibly complex and loud terps as well as some knockout effects to boot!

As Grey Man Genetics has mentioned in the past when discussing his strains ‘Rainbow Bagel’ and ‘Project 007’ – the strain ‘Project 4516’ (that’s behind both of those strains) may well hold the key to unlocking some incredible genetics. I must agree with this statement insofar as this particular strain does have quite the depth and complexity to its aroma as well as flavour, so much so that you’d imagine certain strains would’ve been present in the lineage to creating this one that in fact weren’t…

Immediately upon opening the up the jar I was hit by a thick wave of a dank, Earthy funk that was accented by some mild notes of milk chocolate with a herbaceous twist. Once I had broken the nugs apart properly I was then met by the strong garlic aroma from the GMO profile. This was accompanied by some sweet Sherbet and, what seemed to smell like, Zkittlez terps giving those funkier notes of garlic.

After skinning up a joint and taking a few dry pulls I started to pick up on some more detail to the terp profile of the flower. Along with the aforementioned notes in the aroma the dry pull gave way to some Earthy, herbaceous notes as well. They had a slightly sour twist to them while still maintaining those clear Sherb influences – they almost reminded me in a way of GSC. After sparking up the joint I got a strong flavour of dank herbaceousness with some kush-like qualities.

Those same Sherbet notes were still present, this time a little funkier, combining nicely with the musty garlic ones making a dank base to the overall flavour. This was accented by some mildly sweet and spicy notes, giving the flavour a bit of and edge. As the joint burned on I started to get some hints of perfumed hash and sour, rotting fruit entering the mix towards the end.

Not long before the joint was finished I already felt a smack right in the chest of some pressure building up as well as behind my eyes. The sedating effects kicked right in and had me feeling very relaxed and slightly drowsy pretty quickly. Shortly afterwards I found myself on the sofa drifting into zombie mode and ready to vedge out on some Netflix. This strain with its potent strength is certainly best left for the evening sessions; smoke this stuff during the day and rest assured you won’t be getting much done!

Overall I must say this strain was a real treat to have in the stash. Just like its sister ‘Rainbow Bagel’, it has a beautifully complex and unique terp profile as well as some punchy effects that’ll stay with you for quite a while. Hats off to the man Greyman Genetics once again for coming out with yet another bit of fire superiority.”