Genetics: (Mint Julep x Zkittlez)


Originally bred by Mean Beanz and grown by Pass Me The Gas.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“A refreshing blend of crisp herbaceous floral notes of mint alongside sweet and mildly tart notes of lemon on the initial aroma.  This had a somewhat ‘creaminess’ about it, giving the profile a bit of a Gelato-esque quality.  A distinct smell of traditional lemonade became apparent upon breaking the buds apart, this was further accented by that minty freshness.  After grinding up the buds, the note of fresh mint rose to a higher level, now almost dominating the top notes, and even the profile as a whole. The now more tart and juicy citrus notes of lemon sat at the heart of the aroma, amongst a blend of Earthy notes akin to freshly cut grass and vetiver.  This all had some mild woody overtones to it, as well as the faintest touch of gas on the bottom notes giving it all some added depth.  The dry pull gave way to more distinct notes of grapefruit, as well as a continuing theme of lemonade qualities, accented by that crisp mintiness on the edge.  The lemon terps smacked pretty hard from the get go upon lighting up the joint – this was accented by that same Earthy, woody essence.  The herbaceousness still carried on to the palate, however, the refreshing notes of mint were less apparent now than on the nose.  The flavour gradually produced a bit of a funky undertone via the mildly gassy bottom notes.  A sense of sourness from the citrus notes became noticeable towards the end of the joint as the flavours became more concentrated.  The effects were mellow and somewhat slow to come on fully, starting with a gentle cerebral buzz that left me feeling uplifted and positive.  This led me into a sociable state, and concurrently with a relaxing body high.”