Genetics: (Face Off OG x Animal Mints)


Review from The Bud Studio –


“Originally bred by the legendary Seed Junky Genetics and grown by Top Shelf Genetics – this Sativa-dominant hybrid combines two of some of California’s most coveted strains; ‘Face Off OG’ and ‘Animal Mints’.

Upon opening the bag I was initially getting quite a strong piney, Earthy and herbaceous aroma with some underlying gas to it. Upon closer inspection this appeared to be accented by a sweet note of cinnamon and a unique hint of hops. After grinding up some of the buds the aroma got much louder in the gas department, really pushing out those OG diesel fumes. The dry pull carried these characteristics on to the palate nicely, giving off notes of musty, nutty pine.

Once I sparked up my joint and took a few tokes I found that I was mostly tasting an Earthy and herbaceous flavour with top notes of mint and nuts, and an underlying gassy layer that had a Kush quality to it. As the joint burned on I also tasted slight hints of sweet treacle sponge as well as those same unique notes of hops that I got on the aroma. Musty and slightly woody gas notes became dominant towards the end of the joint, rounding off the flavour nicely.

The effects of this strain were more or less head-based, producing a mild body high. Initially I felt a smooth but pretty strong cerebral buzz coming into play, not making me feel too overwhelmed and allowing me to maintain focus and clarity.

This turned up a notch or two gradually over the course of a half an hour or so, before eventually leading on to some more relaxing properties that the effects had to offer. This left me feeling chilled out and not too sedated, so a perfect strain for evening use or perhaps daytime sessions where no work is on the table!

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed smoking this flower, I’ve always been partial to a great OG cross, and this one certainly satisfies in ways of both flavour and effects. Hats off to the man Top Shelf Genetics for knocking yet another strain out of the park.”