Genetics: (Sunset Sherbet x Runtz)


Bred and grown by The Baydestrians, distributed by World Is Yours Exotics.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“Mild floral notes of rose and cherry on the initial aroma, with a sweet undertone of candied lime. The more defined Runtz profile became prominent after breaking the buds apart with a slightly fresh herbaceous edge to it. The note of cherry became more pronounced after grinding up, this time coming through with and accent of fresh mint. This was intertwined with those much sweeter candy terps, making for a very bright aroma in character. On closer inspection, there was a bit of an underlying funk in the mix, undoubtedly coming from the Sherbet genetics. Mostly Runtz profile for the flavour on the dry pull – sweet candied fruits including berries, some vanilla and a hint of citrus. There was a very subtle hint of Sherbet on the bottom notes. Upon combustion, I could taste an almost even-keeled balance of both the parent genetic profiles at play. Some fairly strong notes of gas crept in from the bottom of the aroma, being more apparent on the exhale. A note of musty grapes became noticeable about halfway through the joint, combining with those gassy bottom notes, giving the aroma quite a funky character. The sweeter Runtz terps remained apparent on the top notes throughout the smoking experience. A rather substantial head high came into effect not long before the joint was finished – this had the feeling of a sociable buzz to it. Eventually there was a sensation of feeling slightly dazed and zoned out. Mildly relaxing body effects.”