Genetics: (Banana Cream Cake x Jealousy)


Originally bred by Seed Junky Genetics and grown by Designer Boyz.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“Sherby, Biscotti-like notes on the aroma with mild overtones of lemon; dank, gassy and creamy like a typical Gelato pheno (reminded me slightly of Ice Cream Cake in particular). Mildly fruity after grinding up with a noticeable note of overripe banana, plus a slight hint of menthol on the end. Sherb-heavy profile on the dry pull – still some noticeable Biscotti notes as well, giving it some added depth as well as some light overtones of sweet lemonade. Flavour was very Sherbet-oriented as well, with top notes of ripe, musty banana and some underlying nuttiness and gas. The effects were generally uplifting and relaxing, leaving me feeling happy and relieved of any stress I was feeling.”