Genetics: (Gelato #41 x Cotton Candy)


Bred and grown by The Baydestrians, distributed by World Is Yours Exotics.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“The initial aroma, upon first inspection, gave off an uncanny resemblance to a typical Runtz, or even LCG profile; what with the Cotton Candy genetics being the more dominant of the two parent’s at this point. This had a balance of sugary-sweet terps consisting of bright floral fruit notes of cherry, red berries and grape. There was a mildly Earthy, herbaceous undertone to this mix, giving some depth to those more vibrant top notes. Some traits of the slightly more distant genetics in this cross’ lineage came into play after breaking the buds apart, with a musty layer of spicy Kush notes resting amongst that earthy undertone of herbaceousness. After grinding up, the aroma took on a creamy essence among the sweeter top notes, bringing about the distinct ‘Gelato 41’ characteristics you’d expect to find with this cross. I’d submit, that the inclusion of this very strain is probably responsible for making the ‘Cotton Candy’ terps give off that Runtz-esque quality on the initial aroma. The prominent sweetness from the ‘Cotton Candy’ genetics still shone through clearly in the general aroma, as it did in the initial, but now quite musty in appearance.

This continued to mimic the candy-like sweetness of Runtz in a pleasing way, intertwining with those creamy and slightly nutty Gelato terps very nicely. The dry pull offered up a nearly perfect translation of the general aroma, mostly giving off highlights of the sweet, creamy top notes and accents of a more Earthy, nutty aftertaste. Upon sparking up, I could taste a mostly Gelato-heavy flavour, with those same top notes of sweet creaminess taking the lead, ahead or the more fruity terps from the Cotton Candy genetics. This had a twist of musty grape and bitter grapefruit develop from it after a few tokes. As the joint burned on, I found that the ‘Afghan Kush’ traits that were previously noticeable in the aroma made a return on the palate; still providing that classic Earthy spice among the bottom notes. There was still a subtle but uncanny resemblance to a Runtz or LCG cross lingering in the aftertaste of the flavour throughout the smoke, which I quite enjoyed. There was a nice, warming sensation growing outwards from my chest initially, giving off a relaxing body high. This came with a smooth anxiety reducing effect, coupled with a moderate social buzz.”