Genetics: (Biscotti x Zkittlez Bx)


Originally bred by Mean Beanz and grown by Pass Me The Gas.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“Slightly Earthy Zkittlez terps overall on the initial aroma, highlighted with a top note of sweet, zesty lime.  Some gassy terps from the Biscotti genetics entered the aroma upon grinding the nugs up, however, the fruity Zkittlez notes remained dominant.  I found subtle notes of lemon and herbal tea amongst the general aroma on closer inspection.  Herbaceous, gassy Zkittlez notes on the dry pull, with top notes of grapefruit, lemon and lime.  The flavour on the palate was very Zkittlez-dominant initially, with some slight nutty and gassy tones to it.  These flavours expanded not too long into the joint; gaining more complexity with each toke.  Hints of dark berries became noticeable about a third of the way in to the joint – these combined with those top notes of citrus fruits well.  The more distinct, classic Biscotti terps became noticeable about halfway through the joint – bringing forth more pungent notes of nuts, gas and lemon.  The earthy, herbaceous notes became stronger as the joint burned on, this had a somewhat Kush-like taste to it.  This Kushy, musty undertone worked with the Zkittlez terps in such a way that it almost resembled that classic ‘Blue Zushi’ profile.  I could taste some almost candied notes of tangerine towards the end of the joint as the overall flavour became more concentrated.  This applied to those gas notes as well, becoming very potent.  Strong effects, head high initially with some lightheadedness and a mild wave of euphoria.  Slightly heavy behind the eyes with a bit of a daze setting in fairly quickly.”