Genetics: (Biscotti x Zhit)


Originally bred by Grizzly Peak and grown by Edi Budz.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“Very dank nutty, earthy and musty aroma with light notes of fresh pine and sweetcorn; slightly fruity on the backend. The aroma got super dank after grinding up – fumes of fresh paint and marker pen-scented Biscotti nuttiness mixed with the mildest sweet fruit note. Slightly Sherb-influenced notes on the dry pull, with some noticeable Biscotti characteristics, as well as overtones of sweet tropical fruit; most notably passionfruit. The flavour was mostly a musty, nutty profile, with a slight savory edge to it – top notes of Pistachio and earthy gas. The effects started off with an initial wave of calming euphoria, giving off a very mild cerebral buzz. This gradually developed into a more relaxing body high.”