Genetics: (Unknown genetics)


Bred and grown by Mr. Opax.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“Zkittlez-dominant aroma with mild notes of blueberries and a slight twist of lime on the backend. The aroma developed an undertone of fresh, earthy notes after grinding up. The dry pull was almost floral in quality – perfumed notes of sweet, fresh blueberries took the centre stage. Blueberry-heavy Zkittlez terps largely on the flavour; some ga on the backend giving me a bit of a cough on the exhale and some lung expansion. Very dank flavour over half way through the joint; lots of lung expansion from the sheer strength of the strain. Fruity, earthy and slightly must vibes towards the end of the joint, still with some underlying gas and overtones of sweet blueberries. Great effects overall – pretty strong cerebral buzz initially, with some relaxing body effects shortly following.”