Genetics: (Zkittlez x Kush Mints #11)


Originally bred and grown by The Ten Co.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“To nail down the key points of this flower for those who haven’t been lucky enough to try it yet – the aroma is very Zkittlez-heavy; we’re talking straight candy terps here. In this depth of sweetness you can pick out some orange zest along with notes of savory sushi and some gas. This translates rather clearly onto the palate – once again, you’ll mainly be getting those moreish and pungent candy terps saturating your mouth. The effects were quick to come on with this one, starting off with some pressure behind the eyes and around the head. This was accompanied by a rather calming sensation that led to a wave of relaxation and euphoria, leaving me happy and free of any stress. I wasn’t getting a huge amount of couch-lock effects, however, if I continued to make a session out of smoking this stuff then I probably wouldn’t have left the house!”