Genetics: (Watermelon x 4 Locoz)


Originally bred by Dying Breed Seeds and grown by Dr. Highgrades.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“The initial aroma did, funnily enough, resemble a somewhat boozy essence… Earthy notes of red wine with a musty, floral quality about them; definitely a herbaceous profile overall. After breaking a bud open, I was hit with an intoxicatingly dank blend of fruity notes – candied lemon zest, ripe melon and pineapple. These were accented by a fresh note of pine, leaning on the already firm earthy influence on the bottom notes. Once ground up, I found that the overall terp rprofile reminded me of ‘Rozay’. The dry pull took me right back to the initial aroma – notes of musty grapes hinting at a subtle red wine effect, melons, and a new addition of blood orange and grapefruit. The flavour was almost identical to that of the general profile on the dry pull. A mildly gassy undertone was noticeable not too long into the joint, giving some depth to the flavour. Some refreshing top notes of watermelon became fairly prominent in the profile about halfway through the joint, adding nicely to the already tropical blend of fruit terps on the top end. The effects were on the strong side, offering up some very relaxing and sedating properties.”