Genetics: (Biscotti [Gelato #25 x South Florida OG])


Originally bred by Cookie Fam Genetics, pheno hunted by Screech Tree of Dank Of England, and grown by The Growroom.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“Pungent, classic Biscotti terps on the aroma, bursting with those immediately recognizable traits of earthy nuttiness, sweet and sour lemons, and dank gas. After spending some times admiring this prime example of a strong Biscotti profile on the aroma, I began to notice how those sharp citrus top notes resembled something like a freshly made lemon posset. A Gelato-esque sweet and creamy layer of dank gas became prominent after breaking the buds apart. Notes of sweet butter, tart lemons, and dank gas were present on the dry pull, with just a hint of nuttiness on the backend. The flavour opened up with a clear translation of the aforementioned profile, giving off strong and well-expressed top notes of sweet lemons, nuttiness, some herbaceousness. This was accompanied by a layer of bottom notes comprised of strong, diesel-like gas terps that made the overall flavour particularly loud.”