Genetics: (Lemon Sherb x Sirius Chem D)


Originally bred by Copycat Genetix and grown by Diamond Boy Exotics.


Review from The Bud Studio –

“Upon inspecting the initial aroma, I picked up on a somewhat distinct smell of what I can only describe as tart lemon curd notes. This, I found, was rather similar to that of the aroma from ‘Purple Octane’ as well. These had a both sweet and sour appearance in character, making for a rather unique profile at first glance. It was quite obvious at this point in the first inspection that the traits from the ‘Lemon Sherb’ parent were dominating the aroma above anything else.

This made for an overall bright and refreshing effect on the profile, which I personally quite enjoyed for a morning smoke. After breaking the buds apart, I was met with an increase of the ‘Lemon Sherb’ terps, now producing a much more defined characteristic of the Sherb-leaning qualities, giving off a more funky and slightly Earthy effect on the bottom notes, also with a hint of candy-like sweetness. 
Out of this, I could also smell a minor, but noticeable, increase in some gas notes coming into the aroma, settling on the bottom of the profile. These gas notes, upon closer inspection, had a sort of ‘chemical fume’ effect to them; reminding me in a way of the very characteristics you’d expect to get from ‘Permanent Marker’, to be precise.
These latter notes jumped up quite a few notches upon grinding the buds up, now the dominant theme of the aroma was this thick, musty blend of dank chemical fumes; specifically that of a typical marker pen, as well as a hint of rubber. These were, no doubt, eminating from the distinct ‘Sirius Chem D’ genetics, this time. Now taking the spotlight in the aroma, above the ‘Lemon Sherb’.
Amongst all these industrial-like qualities in the aroma, was still a lingering hint of sweet Sherbet notes; maintaining a sense of citrus fruits about it. The dry pull offered up a slightly muted version of the above mentioned terp profile; this time drawing back to the more sweet top notes of Lemon Sherbet, while being gently accented by those deeper, funky bottom notes of chemical gas and Earthiness.
Upon sparking up my joint, I found that a substantial amount of the aforementioned profile translated quite well on the palate. The more dominant top notes were still giving off that clear expression of ‘Lemon Sherb’ terps, making for a mouthwatering, lingering flavour throughout most of the smoke. As the joint burned on there was definitely a noticeable increase in the more subtle notes of funky gas, this time coming along with a sort of creamy effect to it.
I could taste that ‘Permanent Marker-esque’ characteristic playing on the Sherb terps towards the end of the joint, among the bottom notes of the profile. This certainly added a great bit of uniqueness to the overall profile which I really appreciated, considering some of the top notes are more common and regularly experienced. Considering this particular strain is Sativa-dominant, this flavour profile makes it ever more of an outlier as most strains with these latter traits in the terp department tend to fall into the Indica-dominant category.
The effects of this flower were certainly ones to live up to the name as you’d expect – a pretty strong initial head high came over me not that long into the smoke. I first felt a growing rush of euphoria as well as a spark of creative-based thoughts. This boost to my spirits had me feeling upbeat and sociable, certainly ready to take on the day. This truly made this strain a perfect choice of morning smoke for me, not that I necessarily wake and bake that much anymore.
If this is all something that sounds like a ‘bit of you’, then I strongly recommend giving it a try if you can! Hats off to Diamond Boy Exotics for introducing me to a great new flower experience and for doing a killer job of it at that.”