Genetics: (Cherry Spice x Lillt)


Originally bred by Eleventen and grown by Mr. T.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“Very loud and dank tropical notes on the aroma; clear expression of the ‘Lillt’ genetics, with a hint of artificial strawberry notes, and a mild herbaceous undertone. After grinding up, the aroma jumped up a few notches in loudness to a very sweet and tart effect. On the dry pull, I got a sweet and creamy blend of candied exotic fruit notes, mostly expressing pineapple and lychee. The flavour was very similar to Stardawg on the base notes, intertwined nicely with some subtle hints of strawberries and cream. This was accented once again by those bright and sharp tropical fruit top notes. Quite a head buzz initially, a little overwhelming but not to the point of KO or paranoia. Very relaxing body high followed this with some mildly sedating effects.”