Genetics: (Zkittlez x Sherbanger)


Originally bred by Bloom Seed Co. and grown by Cloudy Trichomez.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“Very creamy and cakey terps on the aroma, with some sweet, fruity overtones; reminding me very much of the cross Gelato #33 x Zkittlez Cake. This was accompanied by an underlying layer of piney gas that added a lot of depth to the overall profile. After grinding up, these underlying gas notes took a turn upwards in loudness, and quickly moved up to the top notes in prominence, giving off a sharp sour dankness. The Zkittlez terps became more full-bodied after grinding up alos, still accented somewhat by those rich, cakey notes. The dry pull gave off some of those previously mentioned Ice Cream Cake-style terps – sweet, creamy gas, with noticeable overtones of fresh pine and fruit. I found that this was a pretty decent representation of the Zkittlez and Sherbanger terps combining overall.

The Sherbanger genetics were perhaps the most prominent that I could taste in the flavour upon sparking up. Top notes of musky, earthy pine mixed with some bottom notes of slightly sour diesel notes. This was shortly followed by an accent of Zkittlez terps – giving off those typical sweet and fruity notes that combined very nicely with the deeper, more gassy ones. The overall flavour maintained a fresh, herbaceous edge to it throughout, certainly lending itself more to those typical OG traits. I initially felt a bit of a foggy daze come over me, not incapacitating me, but definitely making me lose concentration easily and drift off into a daydream. This was followed by some relaxing effects that had a sedating quality to them.”