Genetics: (Lemonnade x Gelato #42 x London Poundcake #97)


Originally bred by Cookies Fam and grown by Dank In The Village.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“The aroma had a dank, funky and gassy base with sour top notes of citrus and a hint of pine; this reminded me quite a bit of ‘Gary Payton’. After grinding up, the aroma got louder with that musty, gassy funk getting more dank, and beginning to express those creamy and sweet Gelato notes, as well as in increase to the sour citrus notes too; giving it an almost Sour Diesel effect. Slightly herbaceous and musty notes on the dry pull – still showing off some dank, gassy notes underneath with a very faint touch of citrus terps. The flavour had a sort of a kushy funk making up most of the profile; musty and earthy on the exhale, still carrying on a strong, gassy undertone. Hints of ammonia and spice became noticeable as the joint burned on; replacing those initially prominent notes of lemon on the top notes. The high came on fast and hard with a sense of euphoria that launched me into a purely happy state. This high left me slightly dazed, but still maintaining a sense of clarity and focus.”