Genetics: (Cherry Gelato x Ropescotti)


Bred and grown by Burning Rope Pharms.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“The aroma was very pungent with heavy sweet cherry notes combined with thick and creamy Gelato notes. This was backed by a substantial amount of diesel-like gas notes on the undertone, giving the overall aroma a real depth. Complex terp profile but clearly expressed, giving room for each parts of the parents genetics to come through loudly. The flavour translated from the aroma very well, giving off those same dank notes of sugary sweet, cherry ice cream on the top end, accompanied by a mildly gassy layer of notes on the bottom end; not as prominent as on the aroma, however. Very smooth, clean smoke despite the depth and pungency of the flavour. The effects were quite strong, and clean with an almost uplifting and refreshing quality to them. Full bodied high with a sociable cerebral buzz, not incapacitating.”