Genetics: (Biscotti x Zkittlez x Kush Mints)


Bred and grown by World Is Yours Exotics.


Review from The Bud Studio –


“The first thing I got after opening the bag was an aroma that appeared to be Zkittlez-heavy – leading with top notes or sweet citrus terps that were akin to a mixture of fresh lime juice and orange squash, with a slightly musty vibe to it. After grinding up the buds, the aroma had a burst of tropical fruits come into the forefront. Hints of pineapple, mango and peach intertwined on the top notes, while the bottom notes maintained a musty, Earthy layer of gassy terps.

I found that this aroma somewhat reminded me of ‘Zushi’ – seemingly hitting close to the mark in ways of terps with the combination of both Zkittlez and Kush Mints in the cross. After rolling up, I found that the flavour from the dry pull was, again, very fruity. Mostly notes of pineapple as before, but this time accented by some notes of fresh red apple, as well as a hint of floral aniseed and lemon sherbet.

After sparking up, the flavour took on a slightly Earthy and musty profile at first, with a bit of a sweet baked goods quality to it. This was accompanied by a more distinguishable note of Biscotti, giving off its typical traits of rich nuttiness and fresh lemon rind. As the joint burned on, the brighter, juicier fruit notes mixed with darker, more funky nutty, gas notes, making for a complex flavour profile.

The Zkittlez terps took more of a backseat in the flavour profile towards the end of the joint, as the Kush Mints terps combined with the Biscotti terps intensely, ultimately taking over the show. This gradually got heavier, particularly in terms of the gassy and nutty notes, producing a strong aftertaste. All these notes appeared to compliment one another very well, producing a well balanced overall flavour in my opinion.

The effects from this flower came on quickly, initially bringing about a great cerebral buzz alongside a sharp shot of euphoria. This continued on for a good while before a generally warm and fuzzy feeling ensued – leaving me feeling well relaxed. The cerebral buzz soon developed into more of a hazy head high, making me feel a bit dazed. Overall, I found this to be another quality take on a Biscotti-based cross; bringing to the table a blend of well balanced additional twists on the modern day classic flavour profile.”