Genetics: (Corleone x Animal Mints #99)


Bred and grown by World Is Yours Exotics.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“The aroma displayed a lot of Lemon Cherry Gelato qualities. It reminded me quite a bit of Runtz – specifically similar to ‘Lime Juice’ by Nature Boyz. Very sweet and candy-like, creamy terps but with a slight sour tang to it on the edge; it had an almost floral quality to it as well. The dry pull was still Runtz-oriented with a combination of fruity Zkittlez terps and creamy Gelato terps. There was a mixture of candied lemon and sweet cherries sitting above this. The flavour was initially a musty and dank blend of those same Gelato notes that eventually opened up to a sweeter and fruitier profile as the joint burned on, also bringing out some bubblegum-like terps in the mix. Lovely head high giving a bit of a buzz and some relaxing body effects, but not to the point of sedation.”