Genetics: (Kush Mints x Zkittlez)


Bred and grown by Hash Oil Gardens.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“Sweet but slightly musty Zkittlez terps on the aroma, gently accompanied by a sort of Gelato/Kush blend giving it a lot of depth. After breaking up the nugs, I found there was a layer of sweet and creamy gas coming into the mix; very much reminding me of Gelato #41 in particular. Slightly sharp and sour gas notes took the centre stage after grinding up, giving a dank and earthy edge to the Kush base notes. This pungent mixture slightly over masked the sweeter Zkittlez top notes. Creamy, musty, nutty notes on the dry pull – certainly reaffirming that classic Gelato #41 profile. This was still accented nicely by the sweet, candy-like Zkittlez terps. Dank and funky herbaceous notes initially made up the base notes of the flavour upon combustion, with unkmissatkel top notes of classic floral, furirty Zkittlez terps. The flavour got particularly dank and funky towards the end – expressing more nutty and gassy Kush notes. Slightly floaty head high at first with a light touch of euphoria. This was accompanied by some heaviness behind the eyes and a bit of pressure in the temples. This eventually led to a more generally relaxing body high.”