Genetics: (Divine Gelato #3 x Jelly Breath)


Originally bred by Teloskrops, pheno hunted and selected by Concrete Farming, and grown by Pure Fiya Farmz.


Review from The Bud Studio –


“The initial aroma was a broad mixture of sweet, mildly Earthy notes with a slight musty edge to it. There was a subtle fruitiness to this mix, mostly berries, coming across with a floral accent to it. After grinding up, the aroma became rather pine-heavy, with a fresh herbaceous accent and a sort of nondescript fruity sweetness to it. There was also a notable appearance of gas notes to the aroma as well as these other characteristics.

The dry pull had some slightly Sherb-influenced notes, creamy and sweet top notes with a funky, gassy undertone with a herbaceous edge. Upon combustion, the flavour was mostly a sweet and musty blend of dank earthy notes, translating quite clearly in respect to the aroma. Throughout the joint I could taste the sweet and creamy Gelato terps turning up a notch gradually, alongside an a mirrored increase in the strong gassy bottom notes.
This carried on nicely, giving a smooth, rounded flavour that highlighted the distinct qualities of the famous Gelato profile. Towards the end of the joint I could taste some spicy Kush-like notes creeping into the flavour, lifting and changing that gassy undertone into an almost perfumed, flowery incense effect. This was quite unique, I found, and particularly interesting to find in a Gelato cross.
The effects came on initially with an onset of slight buzzing around my head and neck, that had a warming sensation to it. This opened up into a more relaxing body high eventually, having me feeling calm and focused. I found this to be good for minimal house-based tasks perhaps, or an evening social gathering, depending on your tolerance of course! Many thanks once again to Pure Fya Farmz for sending this flower over for a photoshoot in the studio – it was a pleasure.”