Genetics: (Zkittlez Cake bagseed [Zkittlez x Wedding Cake])


Originally bred by Jungle Boys and grown by Fire Drops Co.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“Deep, earthy, musty notes on the aroma, with accents of chocolate and stout. After grinding up, the aroma had a touch of pine to it, as well asa perfumed floral and herbaceous quality; accented by a layer of bergamot. The flavour was initially slightly gassy with tones of baked goods and the characteristics of a smooth and creamy cigar smoke; definitely some distinct woody notes at play in the mix. The more fruity, sweet Zkittlez terps became noticeable not too long after as the joint burned on. Slightly heady high with good clarity to it at first; nice steady buzz and a slight burst of euphoria. Very nice relaxing body high shortly followed.”