Genetics: (Apple Fritter x Runtz)


Originally bred by Grounded Genetics, pheno hunted by Muffin Man, grown by Canna Z.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“A very pungent and dank blend of sour and funky notes of sourdough-like baked goods, apples and citrus with a mild touch of sweetness on the initial aroma. The potent combination of these sweet and sour characteristics blended together in a way that produced a rather sharp and ‘pointed’ effect to the overall aroma. I found this to be rather unique in appearance, giving this strain a real attention-grabbing quality. After breaking the buds apart, the sweeter notes increased in strength, giving forth a more definitive Runtz profile to the aroma. This was accompanied by a parallel introduction of gas among the bottom notes, rounding off those top notes of candy, apples and baked goods very nicely.


On closer inspection, I found there to be the slightest touch of sweet berries and floral notes to the aroma as well, giving the profile a nice hint of freshness. After grinding the buds up, the aroma more or less remained the same in general appearance, but with a now apparent muskiness to the funky sourdough effect that was already there in the mix. This also brought with it a mildly Earthy quality as well, playing off the floral notes to give a somewhat herbaceous character to it. The dry pull was generally quite sweet, giving up notes of apple and grape on the top, as well as a touch of Sherb-like funky notes on the bottom. The initial flavour upon combustion had a kind of resinous, ‘hashish’ effect to it on the aftertaste, this would be due to the exceptional trichome production this particular plant has. The essence of apple was still apparent on the plate, having translated quite well over from the aroma.


The presence of those funky Sherb notes and sourdough qualities still maintained on the bottom of the flavour profile, however overshadowed now by the increasingly dominant gas notes. The flavour took a more Earthy and herbaceous turn towards the end of the joint, working with that already present effect of musty apples well. The effects were mostly head-high oriented; starting with a bit of a head rush sensation as a strong cerebral buzz kicked in. This had me feeling a bit wavy and carefree, nicely chilled out but still composed enough to enjoy and participate in a social environment. Despite the strength of this flower (certainly making it not for beginners), I found that it was quite the appropriate match to a good day off in the sun.”