Genetics: (White Cherry Gelato x Cotton Candy Runtz)


Bred and grown by World Is Yours Exotics.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“Musty, sweet Runtz terps on the aroma -very candy-like. Sweet summer berries became apparent in the aroma after grinding up; also a fresh herbal touch on the edge. Very Runtz-oriented flavour on the dry pull; noticeable Zkittlez terps sticking out as well as a mildly sour edge with a hint of lime. The White Cherry Gelato terps were quite prominent in the flavour initially, accented nicely by the Cotton Candy Runtz genetics. A fairly strong note of gas became noticeable around halfway through the joint. The gas notes developed a slight pine quality towards the end. Very calming and relaxing effects overall; a nicely balanced high between the mind and body.”