Genetics: (The Y x Snowman)


Bred by Cookies Fam Genetics and grown by Powerzzzup (A.K.A. Kenny Powerz).


Review from The Bud Studio –


“This is a strain that has risen to quite the level of prominence since its inception after what is now considered a very successful, and frankly legendary, collaboration between Cookies and Powerzzzup. This potent and well balanced hybrid flower holds the keys to some hard-hitting, long-lasting effects as well as a rather unique terp profile.

Immediately after opening up the pack I was met by a dank aroma made up of nutty and slightly sweet notes of citrus fruits with an almost cheesy funk to it, as well as an underlying Earthy musk. This mixture of notes was admittedly a little hard to pin down and pull apart at first inspection due to its depth and unique combination of characteristics. After breaking the nugs apart and grinding them up I started to pick up on a slight touch of forest fruits as well as some Earthy pine.

On the dry pull I found that this combination of notes produced a flavour that was reminiscent of sweet cereal. This was accented gently by hints of citrus and berries, accompanied by some underlying notes of musty gas and spicy pine. After sparking up my joint I found that the general flavour was mostly that same dank, Earthy base of pine and spice with an almost sweet, gassy overtone to it. As the joint burned on I tasted an increase in the depth and dankness of the Earthy and gassy terps, all the while maintaining that sweet and funky edge to it as well as a prominent citrus aftertaste.

The effects of this strain were fast to set in and with some real weight to them too! Not long into smoking my joint I was already feeling a little fuzzy and lightheaded as a strong cerebral buzz came into play. This brought with it a great sense of euphoria as well as a general uplifting sensation to my mood. Not long before finishing my joint I was feeling very high…a good sense of relaxation had set in and I was feeling in the mood to simply kick back and not do anything.

This didn’t necessarily give off any truly sedating effects, yet the potency of these effects certainly possess the power of couch-lock if you’re not careful! Because of this I’d say that it’s a smoke to be enjoyed not only by the more seasoned smokers, but reserved for the evening sessions as opposed to during the day. All in all I have to say that this strain definitely lived up to the hype – the sheer uniqueness of the terp profile behind it, not to mention the powerful, even-keeled effects certainly make it a winner for me as well as many others.”