Genetics: (Lemon Tree x Gelato #41)


Originally bred by Connected Cannabis and grown by Planta.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“Sweet citrus and musty wood notes on the aroma initially, with noticeable hints of lemon and grapefruit in particular. A sharp, gassy undertone became present after grinding up – the sweet citrus top notes from before suddenly took a turn in a more sour direction, giving the gassy notes a real diesel-like edge. Very rich, fruity expressions on the dry pull, definitely tropical-leaning; hints of mango and lemon on the top end. The flavour initially tasted similar to a classic fruitcake – notes of syruppy fruit (most notably orange and lemon) with a touch of nuttiness. The mildest underlying earthy gas note combined with these fruity top notes very well as the joint burned on. Towards the end of the joint, the flavour developed a somewhat funky Runtz-esque profile. A great Indica high; nicely balanced body buz with very relaxing effects.”