Genetics: (Baklava x Lemon Cherry Gelato)


Bred and grown by Cannatique, distributed by World Is Yours Exotics.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“Very LCG-dominant on the initial aroma, with a slightly spicy, musty, earthy undertone to it, as well as a somewhat nutty accent. The sweet creaminess of the Gelato genetics became apparent after grinding up the buds; still maintaining a strong note of zesty lemon at the forefront. A dessert-like sweetness came over my palate on the dry pull, almost giving off a dairy quality. This was, to me, somewhat reminiscent of a fresh vanilla ice cream; accented subtly by some sweet berries and more lemon. The flavour, ust like the aroma, was LCG-dominant to start off with on the top notes, accompanied by what tasted just like the core flavour profile of ‘Permanent Marker’ n the bottom notes. This provided a potent, but not overwhelming taste of gas in the. mix, working very well with the more fruity, sweet top notes of creamy lemons. Strong high – mild sense of euphoria with a tingling sensation in the chest as well as some lightheadedness.”