Genetics: (White Runtz x Lemon Cherry Gelato x E-85 x Doggybag)


Bred and grown by Fire Drops Co.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“Slightly musky and herbaceous blend of sweet Runtz notes on the initial aroma with some mid floral overtones. A bit of an earthy, sour, gassy note became present in the aroma after breaking some of the buds apart, adding a lot of depth to it. After grinding the buds up, there was an immediately noticeable introduction of thick, candy-sweet terps and deep, piney gassy terps coming through to the top notes; coming off very dank. The gas notes had a good amount of Pinene terps present, giving them a real OG vibe. Amongst the sweeter terps, I could pick up on notes of summer berries and citrus fruits. After a little bit of time inspecting this complex aroma, I finally began to notice the LCG characteristics coming into the mix. The dry pull reminded me quite a bit of OZK, funnily enough, what with the sheer balance of candy-like sweetness and fruity overtones sitting on top of a bed of dank, piney gas notes. This was accented by a generally creamy quality, similar to a typical Gelato pheno. The flavour off the bat was a great combination of Runtz and LCG terps; sweet, creamy candied notes with lots of expression. This made up the bulk of the top notes, once again accompanied by undertones of piney, earthy gas. As the joint burned on, I began to taste more complex notes of dark berries and pepper entering the flavour. The effects were very strong and head-heavy for the most part, kicking off with a full-on cerebral high. This was shortly accompanied by a soft and mellow body high.”