Genetics: (RS11 x Rainbow Beltz)


Bred and grown by Hash Oil Gardens.


Review from The Bud Studio –


“This exotic hybrid flower boasts a most memorable and delicious aroma as well as flavour; a real treat for any of you Zkittlez lovers out there no doubt!

Straight out of the bag I was getting a vibrant blend of fruits and a hint of candied sweet gas – this was accompanied by some slightly floral and herbaceous notes underneath. This aroma got a bit brighter and sweeter with the Z terps expressing themselves fully as I broke the nugs apart and ground them up. From the dry pull I found that I was mostly getting a general but subtle flavour that was reminiscent of Rainbow Sherbet to me, with an almost sweet, minty freshness to it on the edge.

This was also accompanied by a smooth layer of a somewhat creamy, root beer-like sweetness that was present on the top notes. As I sparked up the joint I felt my palate getting covered with such a clean and refreshing blend of straight up Zkittlez and Sherbet terps – unbelievably smooth! This bud produced perhaps some of the purest and cleanest white ash to boot in my memory. The sheer cleanliness and smoothness that each toke produced in fact reminded somewhat of the experience of smoking Zoap.

As the joint burned on nicely, I began to taste some perfumed hash notes and also found that the general flavour was starting to produce a slightly gassy exhale. The effects of this flower came on rather quickly, but not to the point of feeling too overwhelmed by them. I felt a slight weight in my eyes as I also experienced some light pressure behind them and around my forehead as well. This then gave way to a clear and focused head high, leaving me feeling creative and uplifted.

Eventually this nice cerebral buzz developed into a more relaxing body high that had me in the mood to kick back and chill – but not to the degree of feeling any real couch-lock erects which was nice. This wonderfully balanced high is something I personally prefer – especially when strains taste as lovely and burn as clean and smoothly as this one does! That way it’s something I find that I can actually enjoy in fairly large amounts throughout the daytime as well as the evening.

Overall, this flower won me over quickly – if it wasn’t the aroma that got me it was the burn… If it wasn’t the burn that got me it was the flavour. This strain boasted some exceptional qualities that tick all the right boxes for a truly special smoke There’s a reason why so many people are talking about this strain right now; why don’t you find out for yourself!”