Genetics: (Mendo Breath x Do-Si-Dos)


Originally bred by BeLeaf and grown by Designer Boyz.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“Sweet and musty aroma with hints of fruit and pine. The aroma had a big injection of gas after grinding up the buds – a candy-like sweetness sat on top of this dank, gassy base. Slight hints of fruit and butter on the dry pull, as well as a mild note of aniseed and the tiniest amount of gas on the backend. The flavour was mostly an earthy, musty base of gas notes with some top notes of sweet herbaceousness, with a slight aftertaste of sweet, creamy custard. A sort of bubblegum profile came into play a few tokes into the joint, this had a light, candied fruity quality to it. There was a pleasant tingle that spread into full-body euphoria. This initial uplift was accompanied by a sense of calm and relaxation that flowed through my body like a soothing wave.”