Genetics: (Berry Split x Sunset Strudel)


Bred and grown by Kent Valley Farms.


Review from The Bud Studio –


“Out of the bag I was met with a fresh mixture of gas, cream and herbaceous notes. This sweet and funky combination is mainly comprised of notes of sweet cream, berries and gas with an Earthy, spicy undertone. After rolling some of this up and taking a few dry pulls I found that the flavour bore a lot of the same traits as the aroma. I was mainly getting those same sweet and creamy notes of berries but with strong accompanying notes of pine and gas.

As I sparked her up and took a few tokes I continued to get that same flavour profile coming through on the palate – pine-heavy notes of gas with a touch of berries. As the joint burned on I found that the hint of Earthy and herbaceous notes started to take more of the centre stage of the overall flavour, alongside the deep gassy notes. This profile definitely reminded me of a classic ‘OG’ variety, but with a slightly sweeter and fruitier edge to it.

As for the effects, this strain is quite a heavy hitter with an average THC content of around 24% – so she’s definitely not for beginners! The initial wave of effects that I felt were, at first, on the cerebral side of the spectrum. I noticed a bit of pressure in my face behind the eyes, this was accompanied by a slight rush of euphoria and a little hazy spell coming over me. As time went on I started to notice a general blanket of relaxation envelop me – leaving me calm and slightly giggly.

This strain, when enjoyed in smaller amounts, is great for a daytime session with friends when you’ve maybe got a few things you can do together about town. But, smoke too much of it and you’ll quickly find yourself ready for a long sit down with a bowl of snacks in front of the TV…so smoke this one carefully if you’ve got stuff to do!

All in all, as stated in my previous review of this strain, I personally think this is one of the best strains to come from Kent Valley Farms. Every time I ever get some of this flower in I’m always so satisfied with the overall experience of smoking it. Whether it’s the aroma, the flavour, the wonderfully balanced high or just the gorgeous bag appeal; baby, she’s got it!”