Genetics: (King Louis OG x Sunset Sherbet)


Bred and grown by Kota Genetics.


Review from The Bud Studio –


“This tasty hybrid flower has a great combination of genetics, being that they involve both OG and Sherb influences it’s safe to say that this is certainly a strain that many will enjoy.

Straight out of the bag I was met by a wave of slightly sour notes with a hint of mild sweetness to it making up the core of the aroma. After grinding some of the flower up I found that I was starting to notice some citrus notes with an underlying musty effect. On the dry pull I felt as though the flavour was coming across as a sort of general mix between Biscotti and Sherbet – maintaining those slight citrus and prominent gas notes.

After sparking her up I puffed away to find that the flavour more or less matched what I was getting on the dry pull. But as I got perhaps about a third of the way through my joint I started to experience what tasted like an almost savoury accented Sherb note about it; mixing nicely with some deep piney gas notes. As I got closer to the end of my joint I noticed a bit of a herbaceous quality coming in on the base notes on the exhale – complimenting the notes of pine nicely.

They tasted together almost like what I’d describe as ‘Earthy Sherb’ notes, having that sweet but musty effect about them. I thought this particular combination was pretty unique and definitely one with a lot of potential for many a grower to experiment with. The effects came on fairly quickly with this flower – about a couple of minutes after sparking up I started to feel a mild cerebral buzz coming on.

By the time I had finished smoking I felt like just sitting back to relax, but not to the degree of couch-lock. I still felt generally ‘with it’ and could certainly start socialising if needed, but I felt perfectly happy doing something like playing a video game or watching a favourite TV series. I found these effects to be nicely balanced – leaving me relaxed and calm in my body but given enough of a buzz to engage in activities and conversations.

I must say this was a very good first impression from this flower, as well as from Kota Genetics Considering this strain hit the mark for me in terms of effects and also nailed a beautifully balanced flavour; it’s safe to say I’ll certainly be grabbing some more of it when I next get the chance!”