Genetics: (Biscotti x Gelato 45 x Turbo Diesel)


Review from The Bud Studio –


“Bred and grown in-house by World Is Your Exotics – this hybrid flower had a great blend of notes throughout, from the aroma to the flavour, making for a great dessert strain.

Out of the bag I got a rather complex blend of slightly musty and Earthy fruitiness with mild sour notes, as well as hints of Pistachio and an underlying Biscotti quality. The Gelato genetics certainly lent themselves quite noticeably here in the terps, giving off a sweet, creamy, gassy overtone. Once I rolled up a joint, I found that the dry pull had a slightly sweet and sour, candied Zkittlez flavour with the smallest amount of gas on the undertone.

Not long after sparking up and taking a few tokes, I noticed I was mostly tasting a general flavour that reminded me of MAC interestingly – very smooth and clean terps. There was an almost dairy quality to the flavour uniquely; creamy, with a hint of sweetness and a slightly musty and herbaceous accent. As the joint burned on, I started to pick up on some of the Biscotti traits from the lineage in the flavour.

The mixture of sweet nuts and funky, gas notes became evermore present as did the smooth, and creamy gas notes from the Gelato terps. Not long before the joint was over, I started to taste some slightly spicy Hash notes coming into play on my palate, giving the flavour a bit of an edge.

The effects of this flower started up pretty strong and fast with an initial wave of euphoria and lightheadedness. This was shortly followed by a relaxing body high that brought with it a calming sensation – perfect for a wind-down smoke after a long day. The overall effects weren’t too overwhelming nor sedating, just enough to keep you nicely chilled with some peace of mind.

All in all, I felt this was another solid release from the stables of World Is Yours Exotics – playing brilliantly into their running theme of traditional Indian desserts. The terps and effects definitely ticked the right boxes for me personally, however the bag appeal definitely stood out on this one which I appreciated greatly from a photography perspective.”