Genetics: (Gelato #41 [Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies])


Originally bred by Sherbinski and grown by Doja Exclusive.


Review from The Bud Studio –


“This appropriately named strain is a selection of one of the finest Gelato 41 phenotypes that the team at Doja found in the last few years. May I just apologise for the slightly damaged bud; I hope you can see past the blemish and appreciate her sheer beauty! Now, on with the review… As I opened the bag I was met with a thick and dank wave of those all so familiar 41 terps – smooth, creamy gas with a slightly nutty edge, a hint of sweet lemons and pine; very dank on the nose! After grinding some of the buds up (which feels criminal when they look this good!) I rolled up a joint and took a few dry pulls to inspect the flavour.

On the dry pull I found there to be a bit of a clearer and more defined note of gas, making it in fact more prominent than anything else on the palate. The description I’d have to give for the gas notes would be less of a Gelato gas and more of an OG or Jet Fuel Gelato gas; super heavy and piney. After sparking her up I found the complexity came back to the flavour – the pungent gas notes were now accompanied by a slightly Earthy undertone, with those same hints of lemon, nuts and all round sweet, creamy smoothness.

To sum up the flavour – I found that it gave me exactly what I wanted in ways of a 41 pheno, but in a way that made it feel like a brand-new strain at the same time. That familiar sweet Gelato creaminess with some Earthy must on the inhale, and a dank, gassy, fruity funk on the exhale… Familiar, but new. The name ‘Legend’ seems truly fitting when considering just how well this particular batch of flower showcases the complex and gorgeous genetics of Gelato 41.

As for the effects, I more or less felt them starting to creep in shortly after sparking up, however I only really started to notice them properly until about half way through the joint. My eyes started to feel a little weighed down, with some slight pressure behind them. This was accompanied by a gentle and uplifting cerebral buzz that had me feeling pretty focused. Not long after finishing my smoke I began to feel a bit of a calming sensation come over my body.

Nothing too heavy or sedating, but enough to leave me feeling relaxed and ready for whatever awaited me. I found that, given this strain is slightly Sativa-dominant, it’s a good choice for a daytime session. It’ll get you lifted, no doubt, but just grounded enough to go about your day – a perfect balance!

Overall I’ve got to say that this was easily one of my favourite smokes of this year, and in recent memory too Doja have knocked this one out of the park, it ticked all the right boxes for me and just left me wanting more! If you see this one crop up anytime soon then I strongly suggest you cop it fast!”