Genetics: (Blue Liquorice x ZBX)


Originally bred by Mean Beanz and grown by Pass Me The Gas.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“Mostly Zkittlez terps on the aroma with hints of sweet tea on the top and a slightly herbaceous undertone. The fruity terps went from sweet to a slightly more bitter and sour profile after grinding up; bringing with it a strong, gassy presence. The dry pull had some traits that were akin to sweet, freshly baked goods with a twist of aniseed as well as some top notes of sweet orange and lemon. The flavour was rather pine-heavy initially – sweet and mildly fruity notes became present a few tokes in. Earthy and herbaceous undertone mixing with the already present dank gas notes. Top notes of pine and Zkittlez terp sweetness carried on throughout the joint. Heady high mostly at first, with a noticeably strong body buzz. Euphoria settled in quickly accompanied by a sense of focus and creative mood; great wake and bake material for seasoned smokers.”