Genetics: (M.A.C. x Grape Stomper OG)


Originally bred by Capulator and grown by Top Shelf Genetics.


Notes from breeder –


“This strain has a fruity flavor profile with notes of citrus and grape. These berry flavors come naturally from the plant’s genetics—the presence of miracle 15 strains gives the plant these fruity undertones and a sweet flavour. The scent is described as having earthy undertones with hints of citrus fruit. This aroma comes from terpenes found in the plant’s composition. The indica effects are immediately noticeable and provide a deeply relaxing experience for both body and mind. You’ll feel a surge of euphoria at the onset of the high, filling your mind with a sense of peacefulness and ease. As your mind settles into this state, a powerful body buzz will wash over you, lulling you into a state of pure physical relaxation. The high can easily leave you sedated, so it is recommended that you consume this strain in the evening or before bedtime. Dry eyes and dry mouth are negative side effects, so have some eye drops and drinks ready.”