Genetics: (Amnesia Haze x Face Off OG)


Originally bred by Archive Seed Bank and grown by Diamond Boy Exotics.


Notes from breeder –


“When properly cured, Memory Loss has the predominant aroma of woodsy pine and cedar. Close inspection also reveals some hints of damp earth and musk — these kushy notes are intensified as the bud is ground up or broken open. When combusted, Memory Loss burns with a smoke that can be harsh and acrid for some palates, stinging sinuses and inducing coughing. The smoke has both citrus and earthy flavors on the exhale. Memory Loss takes hold quickly, revealing its effects before smokers have even finished coughing. The high initially manifests as a pressure around the eyes and temples; this tingle soon spreads down through the neck and core. Such physical sensations are soon accompanied by a feeling on mindrace, with thoughts jumping from one to the next in an unfettered patterns of free association — this feeling may be disorienting for some.”