Genetics: (Chemdawg x SFV OG)


Originally bred by Pisces Genetics and grown by Dank Trampz.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“Slightly gassy with a dank, musty undertone on the nose, and a slight Earthy note to it. As the aroma opened up upon grinding, I could smell notes of strong, chemical-like diesel, lemon and garlic. Straight-up pine and gas terps on the dry pull, but with a mild sweetness from those lemon terps on the edge. The flavour was mostly built up of musty gas on the inhale, with a touch of mild, funky fruit with a slight sweetness to it on the exhale, that almost reminded me of the Jet Fuel Gelato profile. Towards the end of the joint, the flavour on the exhale started to have the general aste of M.A.C. on the end onotes; still full of that piney gas on the bottom notes. The effects opened up quickly with a head high that came with a rush of tingly euphoria. This was shortly followed by a more numbing body high, leaving me very relaxed and in a state of couch-lock.”