Genetics: (Orange Cheesecake Bx1 x Sour Apple Runtz)


Originally bred by Conscious Genetics, pheno hunted and selected by Dr. Greens Pharmz, and grown by Canna Z.


Review from The Bud Studio –


“The initial aroma, by no surprise at all, was full of sweet and creamy orange terps. These had a distinct fresh citrus punch about them, but slightly understated. There was a clear sense of a Runtz influence about the profile at first inspection, but likewise, quite subtle; sitting beneath the orange terps. There was a minor herbaceous quality on the backend of the initial aroma as well, giving the notes of orange a somewhat earthy character.

Upon breaking apart the buds, the aroma grew substantially in presence, accentuating those citrus terps with an almost floral-like quality, becoming more distinctly orange-dominant upon each smell. With this, came a hint of sour apple notes, mildly tart in quality, mixing nicely with the citrus notes. The overall terp profile was now also emanating a perfumed blend of warm spices such as clove and nutmeg, coming across in a way that’s similar to incense.
The much lighter terps of sweetness coming from the Sour Apple Runtz genetics still sat up high on the top notes, giving those orange terps a twist of candy essence. This was nicely balanced by an undertone of dank, funky notes, keeping in character with the Orange Cheesecake genetics – giving off an almost gassy quality. The dry pull gave off a more reduced translation of the above-mentioned aroma; slightly muted flavour of orange sherbets, with a herbal-like layer of fresh bergamot to it.
The initial flavour upon combustion was once again orange-heavy, not exactly akin to the fruit in its fresh form, but rather closer to that of a preserve. The candied notes from the Runtz influence was certainly to account for that, giving an increasingly sweet accent to the citrus terps. As the joint burned on these continued to make up the bulk of the top notes, along with some herbal freshness on the middle notes, and some more Earthy and floral herbaceousness among the bottom.
There was still a somewhat creamy effect going on with the flavour as noticed in the aroma, this made for a more dessert quality to the overall profile on the aftertaste. Towards the end of the joint I could taste a muddled mixture of notes of sour apples, musty oranges and some funky, cheesy gas. This was still brightened by a perfumed floral essence, which gave the lasting flavour some real depth and complexity.
I found this strain had some pretty strong effects, leading off with a heavy cerebral high, making me feel slightly spaced out and uplifted. This was gradually followed by a social, euphoric buzz, before gently mellowing out into a fairly relaxing body high. The body effects worked their way through me slowly, eventually leaving me feeling carefree and slightly sedated.
Many thanks once again to Canna Z for hooking me up with this particularly photogenic flower; it was a pleasure to meet you. I look forward to shooting some more of your flowers in the future!”