Genetics: (Cookies & Cream x Secret Weapon)


Originally bred by 3rd Coast Genetics and grown by Diamond Boy Exotics.


Notes from breeder –


“Oreoz is a highly potent cannabis strain, with some batches containing up to 33% THC. On average, however, the strain produces roughly 25% THC alongside high levels of terpenes such as caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene. These terps give the strain a very complex aroma. As its name suggests, Oreoz buds smell of dark chocolate and dessert, but a trained nose may also pick up on sour hints reminiscent of her Cheese Quake ancestor or Diesel varieties. The smoke/vapor from this strain is dense and smooth, with a milky mouthfeel, sugary sweetness, and an intense kick. One or two hits of Oreoz is usually all it takes to get even experienced smokers hella high. Individuals with a tolerance treasure Oreoz for its well-balanced effects that elevate the mood and relax the body without causing couch-lock. Novice smokers, however, will likely consider this a knockout strain suitable for quickly inducing deep, restorative sleep.”