Genetics: (OG Kush x Zkittlez)
Originally bred by Dying Breed Seeds and grown by Top Shelf Genetics.
Review from The Bud Studio –
“Upon first inspection, I was getting some very much ‘classic OZK’ characteristics on the aroma, living up to the above description. This was a combination of deep but fresh notes of piney gas accented by some lighter, sweet Z terps. The pungent OG qualities of this strain had me thinking about the similarly smelling ‘Billy Kimber OG’ by Garrison Lane Farms that I had only just smoked recently for the first time in years in Tenerife (big up Terpanese for the hookup on that one).
After grinding up, the top notes of the aroma took a slight turn more in the direction of the sweeter, fruity qualities of the Zkittlez genetics. This was still backed up by that strong and dank underlying layer of herbaceous gas. These latter notes were dominant on the dry pull; pure piney, strong, sour gas notes through and through, with just a mild hint of Zkittlez sweetness on the edge.
The flavour initially was rather Zkittlez-dominant in ways of the various notes I was getting on the palate. In fact, after just a few tokes, I was somewhat getting a flavour that in a way resembled the characteristics of ‘Zushi’ – a rich blend of Z terps and Earthy, Kush-like terps making up the bulk of the flavour. This, combined with those unmistakable OG notes of fresh Pine and herbaceous gas, made a truly moreish and pungent flavour.
The effects were strong and pretty heady to begin with; a mild cerebral buzz along with a slight touch of brain fog left me feeling a bit dazed. This was gradually matched by a slowly growing, warming body high that left me feeling very relaxed and practically living out the true experience of feeling ‘stoned’. This, in my opinion, makes this strain a perfect evening/nighttime smoke to enjoy with friends, what with the slightly sociable sensation the initial onset of effects brought on.
Over all, I was very impressed with this particular batch of flower – it definitely lived up to the expectations I had regarding its flavour profile, not to mention having me taken aback with the strength of its effects! I think Top Shelf Genetics knocked this one out of the park, and if this is just an indication of what’s to come, then the future is looking quite exciting.”