Genetics: (Do-Si-Dos x Lava Cake)


Originally bred by Phinest Cannabis in collaboration with Cannarado Genetics, and grown by Greyman Genetics.


Review from The Bud Studio –


“Straight out the jar I was getting a wave of terps that reminded me quite a bit of the crazy batch of ‘Jammie Dodgers’ that I had gotten off of @rain_treez a few months ago… A blend of sugary sweet nuts and buttery baked goods making up the bulk of the aroma, with an underlying touch of Earthy spiciness to it. As I broke the gorgeous, resinous nugs apart I got an almost intoxicatingly strong waft of sweet nutty notes and cookies again, this time with a touch of gas with it.

As I took a dry pull on this stuff I mainly got those same, sweet nutty characteristics, but this time with an accompanying note of chocolate. As I sparked her up and took a few tokes, I found my palate picking up on the notes that were most prominent in the aroma – sweet peanut butter and baked goods. The same underlying Earthy notes of spice with a touch of gas remained at the base of the overall flavour, as it did in the aroma, rounding it off nicely.

It’s completely fair to say that as flavours go, this strain definitely sits over on the sweet side of the gourmand variety, however it does so in a rather unique way that’ll have you turning your head for a double take! The effects of this strain set in rather quickly – initially coming in the form of a light buzz of euphoria, gently lifting my spirits up. However, this eventually transformed into a very relaxing body high that, after some time, left me feeling pretty sedated and ready for bed.

Although, before settling down for the night after a session with this bud, I did find myself overcome with a very insatiable case of the munchies…I was clearing through the kitchen cupboards seeking out snacks like I was prepping for a zombie apocalypse. So do bare this in mind if you plan on enjoying this strain any time soon!

All in all, I must say that I was truly blown away by this bud. This was in fact my first experience with any bud from Grey Man Genetics, not to mention with this particular strain, and he did not disappoint at all! Those of you who are familiar with this brand will know that their slogan is ‘fire superiority’, and you will also know that their self-appointed nickname in the game is ‘the original Cali Killer’… Well, they aren’t wrong.
To say that this bud has clear superiority above most UK grows nowadays would not be incorrect. To go on to say that this bud is in fact a ‘Cali Killer’ would indeed be most appropriate in a British consumers market that is constantly being oversaturated by American brands on a regular basis today. It’s growers like this that make you proud to say – grown here NOT flown here. People; get your hands on this if you can!”