Genetics: (OZ Kush x Peach Ringz)


Originally bred by Dying Breed Seeds and grown by Marleey Boys.


Review from The Bud Studio –


“This Sativa-dominant hybrid is created through crossing the infamous ‘OZ Kush’ (AKA ‘OZK’) with ‘Peach Rings’ – making this a fruity gas lover’s dream.

Upon opening the bag, I got a blend of ever so sightly peachy, Zkittlez terps on the nose, with very mild hints of Earthy notes and some underlying piney gas. This was of course very indicative of an OZK cross; where the worlds of sweet treats and dank gas collide. After grinding up I got notes of gassy, sour candy with those same sweet peach terps on the top notes as well as a touch of spiciness. On the dry pull I was tasting sweet and dank peachy Z terps, just as on the aroma, but with less gas terps present and also with an accompanying tropical fruit essence.

The flavour of this strain was practically straight-up sugary sweet peaches ‘n gasoline, with an underlying blend of deep and fruity Z terps that developed a sour edge on the exhale. This great combination of notes continued on nicely as the joint burned on. Towards the end, I began to pick up on some Earthy undertones as well as some mild top notes of vanilla. A very pungent flavour overall, a lot of lung expansion and the odd coughing fit but smoked completely smooth and clean all the way. Definitely a potent strain; practically hit me in the chest with each toke!

As for the effects, I initially felt an uplifting sensation accompanied by a general feeling of euphoria and happiness. This developed nicely into a clean and steady cerebral buzz that lasted a good while before more relaxing effects kicked in. This makes for a perfect daytime smoke for both new and seasoned smokers alike, however, if you are new to smoking then perhaps take it slowly with this one!

Overall, I have to say this was a great first impression of what Marleey Boys have to offer. It hit the spot in terms of terps and effects and certainly held up for the bag appeal as well!”