Genetics: (Zkitzo x Tha Melon x Cheese x ZBX)


Originally bred by Mean Beanz and grown by Pengman Farmz.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“Very loud aroma – sickly sweet and sour citrus terps, leaning heavily in the direction of fresh clementines. This profile bore some candy-like traits in its layer of sweetness that actually reminded me of a fresh pack of Starburst – insane similarity! Some clean, earthy notes of pine on the undertone, giving a somewhat understated gassy tone to the aroma. These gassy notes became much more dank and prominent, developing a slightly herbaceous edge, after breaking some of the buds apart. The aroma jumped up a huge amount after grinding the buds up, becoming very pungent. Strong notes of latex rubber, chlorine and diesel fumes combined to create a dense and powerful undertone in this intoxicating concoction of terpy goodness.

The heart and top notes still maintained a sharp burst of oranges, but this time accompanied by other citrus fruits such as lemon and lime; equally sweet and sour. This time, however, having developed a more earthy, musty funk to it. Sour, herbaceous notes of pine on the dry pull, still complemented nicely by those bright and fresh orange notes. The flavour from the get go reminded me of a classic Zowahh profile – however the gas was accented not so much by a more broad Zkittlez array of notes, but rather a slightly more condensed, corange-dominant character. Just a few tokes in and I felt as though I had truly been passed the gas… The sheer depth and dankness of the gas notes I was getting was insane; bringing with it a substantial amount of lung expansion.

The rich notes of sweet and robust clementine returned on the top end, still baring a mild candy-like quality to the sweetness. A hint of earthy pine as well as notes of hops entered into the flavour about halfway through the joint, accenting that loud, gassy undertone nicely. Slow burning head high, focused and slightly upbeat; not necessarily a noticeable cerebral buzz. Accompanied by some mildly sedating couch-lock effects.”