Genetics: (Peng Tingz #1 [Cheezy Melons x Zkitzo])


Originally bred by Mean Beanz and grown by Pengman Farmz.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“The initial aroma was (unsurprisingly) fairly similar to that of the profile of ‘Peng Tingz’ I had from Pass Me The Gas, however, it was displaying a more Gelato-leaning quality overall, along with a prominent hint of lemon iced tea. Sweet, nutty gas on the top notes with a hint of tropical fruits and an earthy, floral tinge on the bottom notes; intertwined with a deep, musty quality. The notes of lemon and gas turned up quite a few notches after breaking the buds open – mixing together nicely to bring about a profile that was quite similar to that of a typical Biscotti. The gas notes became funky and slightly sour in appearance after grinding up; taking on a sort of ‘super glue effect’ in its character.

Some sweet and sour notes of kiwi and citrus fruits also became dominant on the top end of the aroma; there was certainly a candied sweetness to it on the edge. Sugar-like sweetness along with some subtle hints of tropical fruit, aniseed and an underlying earthy, floral quality all combined on the drdy pull to produce a unique and rather pungent flavour profile. The sheer resinous quality of this plant showed itself quite clearly o the first few tokes as I found my palate getting hit with a classic hash flavour, accompanied by a fair bit of lung expansion from the potent levels it reached. Herbaceous and earthy floral notes with a hint of fruitiness made up the bulk of the flavour I found, still accompanied by some underlying gusty gas notes. Strong effets – pressure behind the eyes and in the chest with a wave of relaxation; a mild body buzz shortly followed.”