Genetics: (Permanent Marker x Alien Mints)


Originally bred by Seed Junky Genetics and grown by Fire Drops Co.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“Notes of fresh mint, lemon iced tea and herbaceous Kush on the aroma, with a slightly earthy, musty undertone. This was accented gently by som emil dovertones of seet, fruity terps. The dank, gassy ‘Permanent Marker’ notes became immediately noticeable after grinding up. This had some obvious ‘RS11’ characteristics showing themselves on the top notes, giving that base of dank notes a nice, bright edge. Slight notes of citrus, mint and general earthiness were most noticeable on the dry pull. This had a mild overlying sweetness to it all, giving it a great, well-rounded flavour. Slightly musty, eathty notes of ‘Animal Mints’ initially made up the dominant flavour, giving off a real dank overall quality, making it a very loud smoke in general.

This was eventually accompanied by those sweet and slightly fruity top notes that were previously noticeable on the aroma, as well as n increasingly pungent bottom layer of gas notes. Towards the end of the joint, I noticed that the Kush-oriented ‘Alien Mints’ qualities became much more concentrated and apparent. I also picked up on some notes of Sherbet and lemon that gave the overall flavour a wonderful, slightly sharp twist. The effects were full-bodied and quick to come on – starting off with a strong cerebral buzz. Later followed by a well-balanced body high, leaving me feeling very relaxed.”