Genetics: (Permanent Marker x [Zkittlez x Kush Mints])


Originally bred by Seed Junky Genetics and grown by Doja Exclusive.


Review from The Bud Studio –


“This well balanced hybrid combines the recently popular release from the same brand – ‘Permanent Marker’, alongside the infamous ‘Zushi’ cross of ‘Zkittlez’ x ‘Kush Mints’… This stuff was, in a word; special. When I first opened the bag I was smacked on the nose by a deep and rich aroma of Earthy, musty Kush notes accompanied by some strong Gelato-esque gas. A very dank aroma to say the least! After breaking apart the nugs I got a waft of some very loud piney gas notes with a twist of sweet fruit to it, as well as an underlying funky Sherbet quality too. Once the flower was ground up, the aroma was suddenly overcome with a strong Gelato 41 profile; accented nicely by a slightly sour blend of Z terps.

The dry pull was, once again, very Gelato and Sherbet heavy overall – dank and slightly Earthy with a touch of fruitiness on the backend. After sparking up my joint I immediately was taken aback by just how loud the flavour of this strain is… To generalise the sensation I had on my palate initially – it was dank and funky. I was tasting a mixture of deep, creamy Gelato notes producing a subtle blend of gas and sweetness, mixed with equally thick and herbaceous Sherbet notes. The faintest layer of perfumed Zkittlez notes sat above all of this, giving the overall flavour a nice edge.

The overall smoking experience produced some great dessert terps with a touch of candy-like sweetness about it, leaning ever so slightly towards the Zkittlez side of the flavour spectrum on the aftertaste. As the joint got towards the end, the flavour began to develop a mild hashy RS11 quality to it around the base notes, this was sharpened by a touch of spice coming from those Kush Mints genetics.

The effects of this strain were certainly leaning towards the stronger side of the spectrum… Only 6 or 7 tokes into my joint and I was beginning to feel a little heaviness behind the eyes, some lightheadedness, and a bit hard to maintain focus. This eventually gave way to a nice and steady cerebral buzz that lasted a good couple hours, give or take. As these effects began to wear off, I then began to feel a nice relaxing and mildly sedating sensation come over me. This led to what felt like a measured, but noticeable, body high that seemed to be evenly balanced with the heady effects.

Overall, this had to be one of my favourite smokes of 2022, perhaps even to a higher standard than the ‘Permanent Marker’ itself; which is saying something! Straight out of the bag I was met by a delicious and dank aroma that I know now only went to truly confirm just how loud this flower really is. I loved every bit of this strain from the flavour to the feels…it’s another winner for me from the talented team behind the scenes at Doja.”