Genetics: (Sherb BX 1 x Jealousy F2 x Biscotti)


Originally bred by Seed Junky Genetics, grown and distributed by Doja Exclusive.


Review from The Bud Studio –


“This hybrid strain packs a very unique aroma, as well as buds that boast a beautiful array of dark purple hues. Either one of these attributes will be sure to turn heads – just as you’d expect from a Doja Exclusive drop!

Once I opened the bag I found myself being slapped in the face by a loud burst of gassy terps wrapped around a kushy, funky sweetness. As I smelled this incredibly dank aroma for longer I found to my surprise that it did genuinely smell like a strong marker pen – just like the ones your teachers would use back in the classroom. It had a chemical-like gas quality to it but with a sweet and smooth creaminess about it too. After letting this unusual but delightful aroma settle in I eagerly went about rolling up a joint.

On the dry pull I found that I was getting more or less those powerful gassy terps with that strong chemical ink-like quality on the edge. This was accomplished by a mild underlying fruity sweetness and some deep Earthy must as well. After sparking her up and taking a few tokes I found that I was mostly getting a smooth but pungent gas flavour with a slight sweetness to it on the edge that was reminiscent to me of RS11. I could also taste a mild herbal, hash-like flavour as the joint burned on, as well as a slightly sour note on the exhale towards the end.

It wasn’t long after finishing my joint that I started to feel the effects really setting in – at first my eyes started to get heavy with some pressure behind them as well. This came with a bit of a hazy head rush sensation that made me need to take a sit down! As my mind raced somewhat with a slight sense of euphoria I started to feel very relaxed and a bit giggly. Not long after I started to feel the sedating effects coming into play, leaving me a in a true state of couch-lock for a while.

This stuff provided a powerful high, which is no surprise considering its very potent THC content measuring in at around 34%! The balance of effects was certainly there as well as the strength, and of course as well as a truly unique and moreish flavour I must say this one had me slightly blown away with not just how well it smoked but how much it stands out from the crowd. Another fire drop from the talented team over at @doja.pak that you must try!”