Genetics: (Wedding Pie x Gelato #33)


Originally bred by 710 Labs and grown by Weed Be Rude Not To.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“Very Gelato-heavy on the aroma (classic Gelato #33 terps); fruity, gassy, creamy and very dank. This also had a slight quality to it that reminded me of a freshly cracked can of 7Up – subtle, sweet citrus notes of lemon and lime. Much more sweet and creamy terps became most noticeable after grinding up – hints of sweet vanilla on the top notes as well as some accompanying fresh pine and musty gas on the bottom notes. Sweet and creamy gelato terps continued on to the dry pull, slightly musty and earthy tones were noticeable as well on the palate; giving the profile some real depth. The flavour was more or less straight-up Gelato ##3 terps through and through; it did have an almost candied effect to it, makin git taste similar to a generic Runtz pheno. All of this was backed up by an underlying musty, earthy quality amongst the gassy notes. These dank Gelato terps continued all the way to the end of the joint with great clarity and strength. There was a great cerebral buzz that came on initially that had very clear-headed effects as well as a sense of euphoria. This was accompanied shortly by a nicely balanced body high.”