Genetics: (Gelato #41 x Runtz)


Originally bred by Grounded Genetics and grown by The Budmine.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“A substantial hit of candied Runtz terps on the initial aroma upon opening the bag, this was accented by a slightly herbaceous, woody undertone. After breaking up some of the buds, I got a burst of Gelato notes come into the aroma – gassy and nutty terps for the most part, bringing about a sweet and creamy effect. This had a mildly musty effect to it on closer inspection, giving the profile some good depth. All of this got turned up a whole other level after grinding up the buds – the gassy qualities of the Gelato genetics leapt up greatly in loudness; becoming the predominant notes in the aroma. this was met with an upturn in the presence of the sweeter, candy terps of the Runtz as well. I could mostly pick out top notes of cherry and peach, with a mild citrus influence on them. On the dry pull, I got some fairly clear notes of summer berries, still with a bit of cherry and citrus about them. These fruity terps were intertwined on a bed of candy-like sweetness coming from the Runtz genetics, making a mouthwatering flavour. After sparking up, I found that the initial flavour was mostly comprised of sweet, creamy top notes of ruitiness, with bottom notes of pretty strong, musty gas. The distinct nuttiness from the Gelato genetics became noticeable just a few tokes into the joint; resting among the bottom notes. There was a vague floral quality that accented the general flavour throughout most of the joint Very strong effects – a lot of lung expansion with a bit of pressure in the chest and behind the eyes. A rush of euphoria with a mild lack of orientation came on at first; leaving me a bit dazed. This gradually developed into a more calming body high, very relaxing in fact Still maintaining a bit of a cerebral buzz.”